About Us

LaMezcla.com is a Latin Music and Entertainment Media Company that forces on becoming the primary destination for Bilingual Millennial Latinos with interactive and exclusive content. We strive on connecting the Hispanic and the New American Latin Culture with content and our own self created media outlets. We promote our content with a range of different outlets such as digital, mobile, and live.   

Company Overview

Growth has played a major role in the history of LaMezcla.com over the last 7 years. We have grown in becoming a mature primary destinatßion for Bilingual Millennial Latinos with in the U.S. with our exclusive and interactive concert and media outlets. Over the last 7 years we have never lost our focus on helping grow and expose the wide talents of the Latin Culture. LaMezcla.com has always stayed true on advertising our key feature such as Biographies, Exclusives Q&A’s, Music and Artist Reviews and Events. Overall LaMezcla.com is always working on creating new platforms to help reach and extend our mission. 

LaMezcla Radio

LaMezclaRadio is our online radio streaming service that provides 24 hours of music content all year round. This includes DJ Mixes, New Music, Live DJ Shows, Interviews and Live Remote Broadcast. With over 50,000 Monthly Listeners LaMezclaRadio has helped expose New Artist and grow our original content such as El Jumo Show, Pre Game Thursdays, La MezclaTon Thursdays, and La Chelcha Radio Show. LaMezclaRadio is available via 4 different media outlets LaMezclaRadio.com, LaMezcla Music App, TuneIn Radio and Live Video via Ustream for on the go services. Our key genres are Latin, Tropical, and Top 40 we also include Urban, Hip Hop, and House.  

LaMezcla Music

LaMezcla Music is our online music service that allows you to listen to a wide collection of our exclusive  DJ Roster and New Music that is shared with our company. LaMezclaMusic.com is a stand alone site where we host all of our digital content such as mixes, music, mixtapes, and podcast. With LaMezcla Music you can pick and chose the artist or the mix you wish to listen too at anytime. With LaMezcla Music we hope to build a brand will we can help expose new and independent artist.