Tito Knoise

Hector Heredia, better known as Tito Knoise was born in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 11 he moved to the Bronx, New York. In 2007 Tito Knoise moved to Tampa, FL and in 2008 began to show interest for the art of “Disc Jockey”. From a very young age he has shown great love for music. Tito Knoise got his first break as a DJ in a small club in Tampa, FL known as Tequila Rocks in 2009. This day marked the beginning of his journey as a DJ. It wasn't until Tito Knoise moved to New Haven, CT that his career jumpstarted. By the end of 2010 Tito Knoise had already establishing his name within the local club goers when he was first given the opportunity to spin at one of the top clubs in downtown New Haven called Gotham. In just a short period of time, still being considered by industry standards as a rookie, Tito Knoise had already played at some of the top clubs in downtown New Haven. “Growing up in the Bronx, NY influenced my style of deejaying and when I moved up north it was easy to fit right in and stand toe-to-toe with the local DJs.“ Tito Knoise got involved in the music industry at an even deeper level when he and his childhood friend decided to open up their own entertainment company. At the age of 22 Tito Knoise was CO-CEO of Knights of Noise. As a result of their self teachings and professionalism, Tito Knoise and his business partner took on an even bigger challenge by singing a local talent duo by the name of Choque Kultural. One year after signing them, Choque Kultural had already produced their very first Hit called “HUMO” produced and featured by K.O. El Mas Completo. This song took the city of New York by storm. Thanks to this, Tito Knoise has had the opportunity to share stages and experiences with some of the biggest names in the industry. Names such as Don Omar, Farruko and Tony Dice just to name a few. Due to this series of events, Tito Knoise was able to establish his name as a well respected Latin DJ within the local club promoters and DJs. Currently taking on the responsibility of Program Director for La Mezcla Radio, Tito Knoise continues to broaden his knowledge and skills and has obtained an Audio Engineering bachelors degree from Full Sail University. “I have always dreamed of leaving a legacy for which I can be remembered by.”