Gio Breton

DJ Geeboogie was born on December 18, 1982 on the streets of Dyckman/ Washington Heights NYC. He was given the birth name of Giovanny Breton. What made Geeboogie become a DJ ? Back in 1999 Lboogs took him to a club in New Jersey where he was hosting an event. DJ Kast One and DJ Enuff were the DJs that night. Geeboogie was in the DJ booth with them. The way they rocked the club and made every body dance was incredible. Since that day Geeboogie knew he was going to be a DJ or involved in music some way or another. Through hard work, perseverance and dedication he has become a successful DJ.

Geeboogie moved to Tampa, Fl in 2002. Starting in a new state with little connections was a difficult task. There were many obstacles for Geeboogie, starting a family and trying to pursue a new career as a DJ in a new State. Geeboogie started playing at weddings and other special occasions. Shortly after, he began playing at a few small clubs. He started from one to two nights a week and the way he brought the party to life, made it easy for him to gain popularity.

As Geeboogie became known in the Tampa Bay area, he started getting more opportunities and more clubs started opening their doors to him. He has been fortunate enough to rock at several clubs, host festivals, DJ at radio stations and open up for various artists like Polaco, Kartier, Don Chezina, El Chaval, Silvio Mora, Julian, Alex Bueno, Raulin Rodriguez, Jowell Y Randy, De La Ghetto, J King y Maximan, Xtreme, Fuego, Domenic Marte, Zion Y Lennox, Las Guanabanas, Tony Tun Tun, Frank Reyes, DJ Flex, DJ Pauly D, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Jadiel, Oro Solido, Kriz y Angel, El Jeffrey, Jc (Marcy Place), Watatah, Paquito Guzman, La Makina, Black Point, Jayko Pa, Monchy y Natalia, Mala Fe, Anthony Santos, Frank Reyes, El Grand Combo, J Alvarez, Hector Acosta, Anthony Santos, Luis Vargas, Theodoro Reyes, Maffio, Plan B, Tempo, Alex Matos, Tito Rojas, Tony Dize, Mozart La Para and many more. . Geeboogie has been a part of Florida tours with artists like Fuego and Xtreme.  He was also apart of “Verano Playero” at Whiskey Joe’s beach, Which was a series of concerts every Sunday from 2012-2014.  He is currently the Chief Music Officer and Director of DJ Operations for, an online magazine and entertainment website. Although Geeboogie has made many accomplishments, his career is far from being fulfilled.

DJ Geeboogie’s perseverance and desire to succeed has been the driving force throughout his career. With the support of his family and friends he has been able to pursue his dream and slowly but surely make it his reality. He currently DJ’s about 3 nights a week in different night clubs making himself and his talents known throughout the metropolitan area. This is only the beginning to a long and successful career in the world of music.